The Science

Silicium Organique  “MMST” 

As for dietary silicon, strong effects have been shown in the scientific literature for the increase in bone density using Organic Silicon, MMST [4]. Importantly, however, these effects were also observed in post-menopausal women where dietary silicon alone failed. Study 1 dates to 1979, which showed that 70% of subjects increased their hip bone volume with Organic Silicon as opposed to a placebo[5].

Increase in Bone Volume

Increase in Bone Volume

Ref.5 : Schiano et al., Revue du Rhumatisme 1979 

Study 2 also showed a marked increase in the hip bone density and the vertebrae [6].

Hip bone Density & the Vertebrae

Ref.6: Eisinger & Clairet Magnesium Res 1993