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What is the key for younger looking skin?

LLR-G5  Silicium Organique

Why does LLR-G5 Silicium Organique keep skin looking younger?

LLR-G5 Silicium Organique delivers Silicium directly to collagen as this element is vital for collagen’s springy structure and its smooth elastic motion.


Silicium acts like a light glue for individual collagen fibers allowing them to work in harmony.

The details:

  • The dermis comprises an extracellular matrix which contains collagen fibers and elastin and is termed connective tissue.
  • The connective tissue ensures moisture retention and therefore the skin’s hydration.
  • Well hydrated skin appears healthy and much less aged than dry skin: it is firm, smooth, elastic and springy thanks to its optimal connective tissue and water content.
  • Silicium plays a vital role in the healthy composition and rate of renewal of skin’s connective tissue.
  • Silicium must reach its connective tissue target effectively and LLR-G5 Silicium Organique penetrates deep into the dermis, providing this essential Silicium nutrition.
  • This ensures that the skin is firm and supple, that it is softer and less wrinkled. As such it slows the aging process and maintains the youth of skin.

Silicium Organique Benefits:

  • LLR-G5 Silicium Organique delivers a critical nutrient to help combat the effects of aging on the skin. 
  • LLR-G5 Silicium Organique can naturally maintain and restore skin vitality by maximising the health of collagen and elastin production.