Organic Silicon G5®

Organic Silicon G5®  has captured the public’s attention, and fascinated scientists and therapists for generations. Organic Silicon was first proposed by Gueyne and Duffaut in 1959, this appears to be the longest-lived and best-absorbed form of supplemental silicon, with a wealth of scientific data supporting its use.

Our website offers insight into the reality behind silicon and our health: it explores the different forms of supplemental silicon and answers some fundamental questions.

1. What is Organic Silicon?
Silicon is one of the 100 elements that form the building blocks of life and the
environment. Almost 26% of the Earth’s Crust is comprised of silicon making it the 2nd most abundant element on our planet, second only to oxygen. In the environment silicon is found attached to oxygen forming ‘silicates’. Rocks and soil are environmental silicates that naturally leach small levels of soluble silicate, or ‘silicic acid’ into rivers, lakes, and springs.

Organic silicon and silicic acid are members of the silicon family “silanols”. Silicic acid, lacking carbon, is not organic silicon. In organic silicon, the hydroxide group is replaced by a methyl group and provides the silicon molecule with some very special properties- not least of all its ability to be absorbed into the blood stream and into cells.

This organic silicon molecule is called ‘monomethyl silanetriol’ or MMST and is the active moiety of ‘G5’. The first French patent for the use of organic silicon (MMST), in applications including therapeutic use in humans was filed by Charles-Henri-Jean Gueyne and Mme Duffaut in 1959. This patent included a special formulation that has been taken forward by LLR-G5.

2. Why is silicon beneficial?
Silicon has long been thought of as a vital element for well-being. Scientific papers over
the years have confirmed the beneficial results of taking silicon.

  • dietary silicon is essential  for normal growth
  • collagen containing tissues such as the heart, other blood vessels, bone, joints, skin, hair and nails require silicon for normal development and function
  • silicon is beneficial for normal healthy arteries, preventing cholesterol plaque formation
  • injections or ingestion of  organic silicon have increased bone volume in the hip of older, female patients with the bone disease, osteoporosis
  • younger women and men also respond well to high silicon intakes, increasing their bone mineral density.
  • silicon-containing compounds are commonly used in orthopaedic medicine to help the healing of bone
  • important role in aspects of brain function and this phenomenon has been especially related to the ability of silicon to bind to aluminium and neutralise its toxicity

3. Where in the Diet do we find Silicon?
We have all been exposed to silicon in the soluble silicic acid form throughout the
evolutionary process. Scientific studies have shown that this form of silicon is most readily absorbed into the human body and utilised by human cells. Green beans and cereal products are particularly high sources of silicon and the body has found ways to digest this silicon into soluble forms allowing much of it to be absorbed. Many changes to the modern diet probably mean that silicon is not as common in the diet as it once was. The purification of tap water, refined processing of cereals and high intensity agriculture are some examples of where silicon can be lost in the diet. Despite this, our average intake of silicon in Europe is probably around 20 – 30 mg/day.

4. What is Special about G5®?
Unrivalled absorption, extraordinary beneficial activity and an unsurpassed safety record
combine to make LLR-G5 the original and best of the organic silicon products on the market today. Unlike all other known oral silicon products which are only slightly absorbed into the human body (ranging from ~2 % for mineral silicon to ~15% for colloidal silicon), the absorption profile for MMST in LLR-G5 is outstanding and at least 60% is absorbed into the body (see Figure below).

Similarly, bioavailability, which describes beneficial activity at biological sites, has been well described for MMST. Moreover, the safety of MMST can be garnered from scientific publications as far back as 1979 in both oral and intravenous forms. Most importantly, there is no colloidal, particulate or mineral silicon in G5® as these can be related to inflammation. G5® is purely organic

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G5® delivers the safest and purest form of Organic Silicon


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Organic Silicon G5® is a vital element for well being and is part of the building blocks of life.  Silica can be found in different varying degrees within each cell. All living organisms (plant, animal and human) require silica to restore or conserve their health and equilibrium.