Understand Bone Health

 Understand bone Health

Looking to improve bone health?

  • Strong bone health is heavily reliant upon Silicium to prevent the loss of bone mineral density. 
  • The restitution of bones and creation of cartilage depends upon Silicium as a nutrient in combination with calcium.
  • Collagen makes up 20-30% of bone and it provides bones strength 
  • Calcium is the major element- along with phosphate- that makes up bone’s mineral (about 70% of total bone).
  • Calcium’s utilisation is enhanced by the presence of Si aiding bone development.
  • Silicium acts as a cross linking agent, providing strength and resilience to the connective tissue of bones. 
  • Supplementation with Silicium positively influences bone mineral density. 
  • Research has shown that LLR-G5 Silicium Organique increases the density and health of the bone.