What real evidence is there to show that Silicon helps the human body?

Silicium and skin 

Scientists have published a great deal of convincing evidence regarding silicon and health over the past 50 years.  A scientific study has shown that LLR-G5 Silicium Organique G5® gel significantly improves skin health in 78% of subjects after using G5® gel twice daily for 28 days [1]. Specifically:

  • The skin’s condition in terms of brightness and firmness was enhanced in over 80% of subjects. 
  • 66% of respondents noted a marked increase in the skin’s hydration and a further 74% in smoothness. 
  • The skin’s facial pores and blemishes were reduced in about two-thirds of all women. 

The study tested the potential benefit of LLR-G5 Silicium Organique G5® gel on the skin of healthy women. Sixty female subjects between the ages of 25 and 70 years old were studied and all had apparently healthy skin. The study was designed in conjunction with, and conducted by, a global independent research organisation. The research was conducted according to the Colipa (Cosmetics Europe) guidelines for the evaluation of the efficacy of cosmetic products. The female volunteers completed detailed and independently validated skin health questionnaires after 28 days of regular application of Silicium Organique G5® gel alongside their regular skin care regime. The results reported above are all to a certainty of greater than 99.9% (i.e. p < 0.001). 

Volunteers Who Reported Improvement


Ref.1 Allard, S. LLR-G5 G5 gel efficacy claims study report. Ayton Global Research, 2013; United Kingdom.

Lassus showed that silicon supplementation over 90 days of treatment led to a marked increase in skin thickness and elasticity: i.e. the skin became more elastic and younger looking [2]

The Relationship between Silicium and Skin

Lassus J Int Med Res 1993

Ref .2: Lassus J Int Med Res 1993

Again, like dietary silicon, organic silicon proves beneficial to skin. A study from 2007 shows the elasticity of the skin, i.e. ‘the youth of the skin’ is also increased when using MMST compared to a placebo [3]. The study was of the forearms of 7 healthy volunteers with moderate photo aged skin using supplemental organic silicon over 10 weeks. An increase in the density of collagen and elastin fibres in skin with silicon treatment was shown. 

Silicon and Skin Health

Skin Health

Ref. 3: Herreros et al., Arch Dermatol Res 2007