The Science

How Well is it Assimilated by the Human Body?

A comparative study on the absorption of silicon published in the British Journal of Nutrition, and carried out on human volunteers at St. Thomas Hospital in London, confirmed the very high bio-availability of Organic Silicon. This study used Organic Silicon G5®, manufactured by LLR-G5 and showed that absorption of Si was high (circa 60% overall and up to 70% in some individuals) - the variation perhaps being related to individual’s requirements.

Absorption of Organic Silicon

The absorption of Organic Silicon G5®, into the blood stream, and as shown above, is considerably higher than for other known silicon supplements [7]. Indeed, the research shows the human body assimilates Organic Silicon G5® at least four times better than other known supplemental forms. For example, when Organic Silicon G5® is compared to Colloidal (Choline Stabilised) and mineral silica, they in comparison are poorly absorbed in the body, as they are made up of mineral particles that are difficult to break down in the gut. Only approximately 2% of Mineral Silica is assimilated and 15% of Colloidal silica is assimilated.There is also no evidence that these forms are carried into cells, unlike for Organic Silicon G5®.

Absorption by the Human Body 

Absorption by the Human Body

 Ref.7: Sripanyakorn et al, Bri J Nutr 2009

The most recent research from the same group has shown that LLR-G5 Organic Silicon G5® is not only very easily absorbed by the body, but also metabolised to biological silicon (‘orthosilicic acid’). 

Prior to undertaking this research the group confirmed the very high purity of Organic Silicon G5® manufactured by LLR-G5 Ireland [8]. These findings were presented at the 11th International Symposium on Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine in Cambridge in 2011.